Kinsta Uptime

Before you join Kinsta,the first thing to search for is their percentage uptime.I have been hosting my blogs at Kinsta for the past 1 year and I would like to share my experience.

The reason I moved all my sites to this hosting company is because of the percentage uptime.Initially,I used to host them in a local company, which disappointed me a great deal.I thought I should seek a better hosting company. I found out about Kinsta from a friend blogger who also wanted 100% uptime.

Ever since I started hosting with Kinsta all my websites have experienced 100% uptime. I always monitor Google Analytics and at no time I have experienced downtime. There is a time my blog received 1 million visits per day, I was worried that it could go down due to traffic spikes, but the day ended well and I managed to make good money.

I you ever experienced frequent downtime with your current hosting company, be sure that when you join Kinsta, the problems will never exist.Kinsta has a plan where you can pay as little as $30 per month…you can visit their site through this link and see all plans

The nice thing I like about Kinsta is that they refund your money in case you want to cancel your purchase.Therefore,there’s nothing to worry about  while you’re purchasing their plans.

Before I conclude, I would like to reveal this: Kinsta uses Google infrastructure, which makes every site hosted by the company load at  blazing speed.