List of Best Business To Do With Small Capital in Uganda in 2017


There are over 100 small profitable business you can do in Uganda in the year 2017.As you know, employment is not assured in our country, so the best way to survive is by starting a business with as little as what your pocket can afford. It’s is a challenge to run a business but one or two mistakes and challenges will shape you to become a better entrepreneur.

The following is a list of best business to do in Uganda this 2017

Online shop

Online shop comprises of electronics, clothes, smartphones, home appliances and rental apartments.

What is needed for you to do this business is a website which should be hosted by top hosting companies like Bluehost,Namecheap and Godaddy.You also need to source your products from reliable distributors and also marketing strategy.

If you have Ush 1 million, you can comfortably start this business.

Grocery business

A grocery business especially in Kampala is a lucrative venture. As we move towards 2017, you should gave in mind that this is among the most profitable businesses in major towns and even villages. Farm products like cabbages, tomatoes, potatoes and bananas are in great demand in Kampala but the suppliers are few.

The thing about this business is that you don’t need several millions to do it, with as little as Ush 500, 000, you have your business running.


As long as we live women must make their hair, and this is done in salons. We have established that in Kampala, this business is not only profitable but also easy to run. If you are limited in terms of finances, this is the kind of business you should consider doing in 2017.

Selling Clean Water in Kamplala

If you can’t afford bottling water you can decide to sell clean water from trucks. What you need is Ush 200,000 to hire a truck to supply you water to estates, then you make a kill.

Since piped water has become more scarce, selling clean water from trucks is the only alternative in Kampala, and if you are the one doing this business, there is no way you will fail.

Fast food restaurant

If you have noticed, In Kampala and many other major towns, people are turning to chunk food, which are sold in fast food restaurants. This is the business that will grow in length and breadth this coming year, and the earlier you set it up the better.


Butchery business is no doubt one of the few businesses which do not demand huge set up capital. With as little as Ush 500, 000, you have your butchery.

I would advise any man wishing to start business in 2017 to consider butchery business.

Shoe shining business

This is another business venture you can start with absolutely no capital…by the way you just need Ush 100,000 to launch this kind of business.

The best place to do shoe shining business in Uganda is Kampala, which is a place where most people do white collar jobs.

Tomato farming

Tomato farming is another lucrative venture you have to think of engaging in in the year 2017.If you manage to secure a market in Kampala, then you will smile all the way to the bank

Poultry farming

People are eating chicken and eggs like no one’s business. Can you try keeping chicken, especially broilers and see how much you can make from the business.

Day care

There are few day care businesses in Kampala. Many women are turning to white collar jobs and don’t trust house helps anymore. A day care is what you need-it’s unique-so as to make handsome profits.

Motorcycle spare parts

Motorcycle spare part business is another trending business you can do in Uganda. Since bodaboda riders are in need of spare parts, you could be the solution if you start this venture.


If your pocket is not good enough to start huge business venture, try hawking and you would see money coming in.

Hawking require simply less than Ush 100,000 to start, which is not a big deal for you.

Second hand clothes

You can also try second hand clothes business since these are the kind of clothes most Ugandans wear. It won’t cost you a fortune to start this kind of business.

Photocopying and Printing services

You should also think of starting a photocopying and printing services especially near training institutions and universities. This business is very lucrative when universities and colleges are opening and closing.