List of Actuarial Companies in South Africa


If you are searching for a job, or you want Actuarial services from Actuarial companies in South Africa, then you will consider looking at the list we have provided below.

  1. KPMG
  2. Old Mutual
  3. Jacobson Actuaries
  4. Independent Actuaries & Consultants, IAC
  5. ARGEN Actuarial Solutions
  6. PWC
  7. QED Actuaries & Consultants
  8. Simeka Consultants & Actuaries (Pty) Ltd
  9. South African Actuaries Development Programme (SAADP)
  10. Insight Actuaries & Consultants
  11. Asaba
  12. Deloitte
  13. Davies Financial and Actuarial Limited
  14. Munro Consulting Actuaries
  15. Sigma Synergy
  16. Algorithm Consultants & Actuaries CC
  17. SA Quantum
  18. Matthew Myers
  19. Earnest & Young
  20. NMG

Actuarial Science is among the fastest growing careers in South Africa. The firms listed above provide excellent Actuarial services. As a student, you can join any of the companies and gain world class skills.

If you are seeking Actuarial Services, don’t hesitate to contact any of the firms.