List of DNA Testing Centres in South Africa


DNA testing in South Africa is a must for individuals who are tackling divorce and child upkeep cases, those who want to travel to migrate to countries that require proof of nationality, child adoption and determining the paternity of a parent.

In case you want to go for DNA testing in South Africa,these are the centres to visit

  1. HomeDNAdirect South Africa

HomeDNAdirect South Africa is your local provider for all your DNA testing needs. The center offers the most up-to-date portfolio of tests available all backed by their many years of experience in this field. The laboratories in which the analysis of your DNA will take place have carried out more than 250,000 tests to date. Their range of services includes 21 genetic marker paternity testing which can be used for legal or home/peace of mind purposes. HomeDNAdirect South Africa paternity test for the testing of alleged father and child starts from as little as R2395.

  1. EasyDNA South Africa

EasyDNA South Africa is the second NDA testing centre in South Africa.

For any DNA testing query you have, EasyDNA South Africa is your trusted company of choice. The company provides you with a wide range of DNA tests, including paternity testing and relationship testing, with results you can rely on.Their tests are set at affordable prices because the company understands just how important being able to find the answers is. EasyDNA’s paternity test starts at only R2395. There are NO EXTRA FEES

  1. DNA Test

DNA Test is another popular center where you can do all the tests associated with paternity, legal, ancestry and fidelity.


Telephone: 0861 DNATES (0861 362 837) or 031 566 4355
Fax: 0865 170 070
Email [email protected]


  1. DNALYSIS Biotechnology

DNAlysis Biotechnology offers a range of DNA tests. It’s one of the most visited DNA centers in South Africa

DNAlysis provides medical practitioners and patients with the tools to improve and maintain health and wellness.  The hospital’s DNA tests are used by a diverse range of trained medical practitioners to gain greater understanding into their patients’ requirements for optimal health and nutrition.  The comprehensive range of tests provides insight across the health spectrum, from weight management and chronic disease risk management, to understanding athletic performance and recovery requirements from high intensity exercise.


You can also seek for DNA services at DNA Paintball South Africa.