List of Most Expensive Countries to Live in the World


Life in most countries in the world is cheap but there are a number of countries where everything is expensive-living in such countries require highly aggressive citizens. A list of the most expensive countries to live in shows that countries in Europe and Asia dominate while Africa is not represented.


Denmark emerges as the most expensive countries to live in in the world. In order to live in this country and have peace you must be having a salary of at least $ 5,000 per month.

Most people in Denmark spend almost 50 % of their income on housing and food while the rest go to fuel and miscellaneous expenses.

At least 41 % of the income must go to the tax.


Switzerland is an island, located in the middle of EU.It is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world with the best beaches and physical features.

Living in Switzerland requires one with financial muscle because of the huge cost of housing and food.

Taxation is also extremely high, which pushes the cost of living to the roof.


As an island with a primary industry of tourism to wealthy travelers, Bermuda’s cost of living is shockingly more than triple of U.S. and 280% more than Canada, and 200% more than UK. Real estate and clothing are very expensive in Bermuda.


Almost two-thirds of Aussies live in cities of one million residents or more, housing is expensive. Australians also pay much more for electronics and digital goods because of policies that restrict access to digital content based on location. Expensive transportation costs get passed on to the consumer for imported goods. Higher wages also translate to a higher cost of living in Australia.


Japan has over 127 million people living in an area that’s smaller than California. This leads to predictably high housing prices. A complex distribution system for goods, as well as the cultural acceptance of high prices, can shock expats living in Japan. Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world – an average price for a loaf of bread is $9.06. Other Japanese cities are similarly expensive.

The cost of living in Finland depends greatly on whether you live in Helsinki or not. Helsinki is one of the world’s most expensive cities. Because Finland is geographically isolated, food is very expensive, too.


Many expats report groceries to be very expensive in Luxembourg. Housing prices are also high, though living outside the city is more affordable. Private schools are very expensive, adding to the cost of having a family.


It is shocking that living in Canada is more expensive than U.S.A and Britain. The cost of real estate, transport and taxation is so high that every citizen must be ready to spend at least 50 % of their income on the same.

Life is particularly hard for Africans who migrate to Canada to perform manual jobs.


Belgium is another country where citizens are overtaxed, pay a lot on housing and transport. Education is also expensive.