List of Referral Hospitals in Uganda


The total number of hospitals (public and private) in Uganda is 155. Of these 2 are National Referral Hospitals (Mulago and Butabika) , 14 are Regional Referral Hospitals (RRHs) and 139 are General Hospitals (GHs). In terms of ownership, 65 are government owned , 63 PNFP and 27 are private.

Hospitals are major contributors to outputs of essential clinical care and take up a large volume of human and financial resources. In the financial year 2014 /15 almost similar to the year before, hospitals produced 54% of all inpatient admissions, 19% of total outpatients, and 36% of all deliveries.

There are 139 GHs in the country providing; preventive, promotive outpatient curative, maternity, inpatient, emergency surgery and blood transfusion and laboratory services.

  • Nakasongola Hospital
  • Fort Portal Regional Referal Hospital
  • Buwenge Hospital

Buwenge is situated on the main highway between Jinja and Kamuli. It is bordered by Luzinga to the northeast, Butamira to the southeast, Mabira to the south, Mawoto to the west and Kiroro to the north. The town is located approximately 31 kilometres (19 mi), by road, north of Jinja, the largest city in Busoga sub-region.

  • St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor

Kiryandongo Hospital

Kiryandongo Hospital is located 225Km along the Kampala – Gulu highway. The hospital is in kikube parish, Kiryandongo sub-country, Kibanda Country in Kiryandongo district. It is a 109 bed hospital serving a population of over 400,000 people from areas of Kiryandongo, Masindi, Nakasongola, Oyam, Apac, Amuru and Nwoya districts. The hospital offers a number of services including; OPD, inpatient, Opthalmology, X-ray, ultra sound, Orthopedics, health promotion and education, occupational therapy, HIV immunization, environmental health, special clinics among others. It was constructed because of its proximity on the highway of Kampala to Gulu and there was no any other hospitals in the region expect Masindi hospital that was considered to be far. Before this there was a small health centre that was started in 1930’s. The construction of the hospital started in the early 1970’s and was officially opened in 1974.

  • Kabale Regional Referral Hospital

Kabale Regional Referral Hospital is a 280 bed hospital located in Kabale Municipality in Southwestern Uganda, approximately 426 Kilometers from kampala. The hospital serves a population of about 2 million people in the districts of kabale, Kisoro, Rukungiri, Kanungu, and some parts of Ntungamo as well as people from neighboring countries of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mission of the hospital is to provide quality and sustainable, general and specialised, health services to all people in Kigezi region.

Arua Regional Referral Hospital

Arua Hospital  was elevated to a regional referral facility in 1994. The Hospital is  a public hospital, funded by the Uganda Ministry of Health and general care in the hospital is free. It is one of the thirteen (14) Regional Referral Hospitals in Uganda. The hospital is designated as one of the fifteen (15) Internship Hospitals in Uganda where graduates of Ugandan medical schools can serve one year of internship under the supervision of qualified specialists and consultants.

  • Hoima Regional Referral Hospital

Hoima Regional Referral Hospital is located in Hoima Municipality, about 200 km west of Kampala. The hospital caters for populations of the Greater Bunyoro Region, encompassing the districts of Bunyoro viz: Hoima,Kibale, Masindi, Bulisa, Kiryandongo, Kyankwanzi, Kiboga and the Eastern part of DR Congo; overall grossing over 3 million people. The present bed capacity is 300. The hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Uganda, dating as far back as 1935. Initially,  it was meant to serve a very small population at district level but in 1994 it was upgraded to referral status targeting the greater Bunyoro Region.

China-Uganda Friendship Hospital Naguru

China-Uganda Friendship Hospital Naguru (CUFH-N) donated by the Government of the People’s Republic of China was completed and handed over to the Government of Uganda on 6th January 2012. Naguru Hospital is a meant to decongest Mulago National Referral Hospital, the only general public hospital serving an estimated 3 million inhabitants of the Kampala Metropolitan Area. The hospital has a vision of being a centre of excellence in providing specialized and general health services.

  • Mulago National Referral Hospital

Mulago Hospital was founded in 1913,and  is the main National Regional Hospital  for the entire country and a teaching hospital for the Makerere College of Health Sciences. It also  serves as a  general hospital for the Kampala metropolitan.  Mission Statement: To provide super specialized healthcare, training and conducting operational research in line with the requirements of Ministry of Health. 2014 /15 Inputs In 2014/15 Mulago had 1,880 staff this constituted 67% of the staffing positions leaving a gap of 581 staff to be filled. Mulago hospital had an annual budget of 38.14 billion in 2014/15. 2014 /15 Outputs The patient load in Mulago hospital continues to be too heavy and affecting quality of services. During FY 2014/15, the hospital attended to  829,817 outpatient visits; 761,573 inpatients; 61,568 emergencies; 28,759 total ANC visits; 39,081 deliveries; 11,120 postnatal visits; 1,738,652 lab tests; 33,949 X-rays; 27,142 ultrasound scans; 49,680 immunization contacts; 13,397 major surgeries; 9,701 FP contacts. The bed capacity rate for the hospital is 63%.

  • Butabika Mental Referral Hospital

Butabika hospital offers super specialised and general mental health services, conducts mental health training

Masaka Regional Referral Hospital

Having started in 1927 as a treatment centre for World War I veterans, Masaka Regional Referral Hospital was elevated to regional referral status in 1996.The hospital has a 330 bed capacity with an annual admission of 23,456 patients giving a bed occupancy rate of 90.6%. However with the completion of a new mega hospital facility, the bed capacity is expected to increase to about 540 beds.  Masaka Regional Referral hospital offers all services expected of a regional referral health facility but also offers nutritional support for both children and adults.

Moroto Regional Referral Hospital

This Hospital was constructed in the 1940s and is located in Moroto Municipality in the Karamoja sub region of North Eastern Uganda. The Hospital has a catchment area of 7 districts in the region which include: Moroto, Napak, Nakapiripirit, Kaboong, Kotido, Abim and Amudat. Formerly a General Referral Hospital, Moroto was elevated to Regional Referral Hospital status on 1 July 2009.With the help of a World Bank loan, Moroto regional referral hospital has been  rehabilitated  and re-equipped and now boosts of new infrastructure.

Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital

Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, commonly known as Mbarara Hospital, is government owned referral hospital and a teaching hospital for The Medical School of Mbarara University of Science and Technology.  The hospital was founded in 1940 and it  has a bed capacity of  600.  It is the referral hospital for the Western  region and specifically for the districts of Mbarara, Bushenyi, Ntungamo, Kiruhura, Ibanda, and Isingiro.