List of Tallest Buildings in Africa


Tallest Buildings in Africa can be traced to Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Algeria.Nairobi, which is Africa’s fastest growing City hosts the tallest building in Africa, which is expected to contain 66 floors.

The Haas Towers, built by Haas Group, is 300 metres tall and stands on a one acre piece of land. It is expected to host several offices.

The tower is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 3 years time.


2.The Carlton Centre

The Carlton centre is situated in Jonannesberg,South Africa and is the second tallest building in Africa after Haas Tower in Nairobi.This building contains 50 floors and is 223 metres tall,77 metres less than the tallest building in Africa.

the-carlton-centre3.Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the tallest building in Morroco and third tallest building in Africa.The mosque which was completed in 1993 is the 7th biggest mosque in the world and actually tallest in Africa.

Hassan II Mosque is 689 ft tall.The building is used for prayers as well as Islam functions.


4.Ponte City Apartments

Ponte City Apartments is the largest apartment in Johannesburg.It hosts more than 10,000 families.

The apartment was built to address the issue of housing.Today it’s not only a tourist attraction site but also the most preferred residential area for urban dwellers.



5.UAP Tower

UAP Tower is located in Upper Hill Nairobi,Kenya.It is a 33-storey building which houses several offices including UAP Insurance headquarter.The building is 535ft tall and is the fifth tallest building in Africa.


6.Bahia Center

Bahia Center is Algeria’s tallest building and the sixth tallest building in Africa.The  center is a 31-floor building that houses a shopping mall,a popular hotel of 500 rooms and several other shops and offices.It is 530 feet tall and occupies a space of at least 1 acre .


7.NITEL Tower

Nitel Tower is located in Lagos,Nigeria and is considered the 7th tallest building in Africa with a height of 525 ft.The building is the headquarter of NITEL,the Nigerian Telecommunication company.

NITEL is the tallest building in Nigeria and is beaten by 6 buildings,which are located in Kenya,south Africa,Algeria and Morocco.

nitel-nigeria8.Marble Towers

The Marble Towers is south Africa’s third tallest building.Situated in Johannesburg,the building houses hundreds of offices.It is 499 ft tall,taller than 99 % of the buildings in the city of Johannesburg.


9.Pearl Dawn of the Pearls

Pearl Dawn of the Pearls is situated in KwaZulu-Natal Province,South Africa and is the 9th tallest building in Africa.Pearl Dawn is an elegant apartment which faces the ocean-it’s 499ft tall.


10.South Africa’s Reserve Bank Building

South Africa’s reserve bank building is tall enough to be ranked among the top 10 tallest buildings in Africa.The building is 499ft tall and houses the main bank of South Africa.


These are the top 10 tallest buildings in Africa,however,the list will change as soon as the HOPE city in Ghana is completed.