LongTail Pro Keyword Free Trial

LongTail Pro Keyword is a SEO tool to guide you on how to select long tail keywords for your blog posts. The tool comes with a 7-day free trial, which you sign up through this link

Long Tail Pro has over 10,000 users, who have found it useful in terms of generating SEO friendly content. When you sign up for the free trial,you will be exposed to the following benefits:

Determine the rank of your keywords

There is nothing as bad as not knowing where your content ranks in terms of keywords.Normally,posts placed on Google first page receive the most number of readers. Research shows that over 95% of readers don’t go past Google first page when searching for information: they believe information in the first page is enough to answer their online queries. Due to this, publishers should always track their content to ensure it is always placed in Google page 1.To make it possible, one has to use LongTail Pro tool, and since it has a free trial, you can make use of the offer and benefit immensely.

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Determine pricing of your keywords

Another important feature of LongTail Pro is that the tool will determine the pricing of your keywords .This feature is especially important for AdSense users.

Once the tool has evaluated each of your keywords, you will be able to single out those that are highly priced so as to generate content based on those keywords.

In AdSense there is no need of concentrating on low priced keywords even if they have good traffic.

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Keyword recommendations

LongTail Pro will also help you with recommendations on array of keywords.This means if you want to post and article,you will be able to learn from the tool which keywords will rank best in search results.This way,your blog will always be more popular than your opponents.

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