A Luo Man Stole My Money, Do You Mean Kikuyu Man?


There are stereotypes which do exist in Kenya; if you ask any man whether a Luo stole his money, he will comfortably ask whether you meant a Kikuyu man.

Kikuyu men are entrepreneurs and love money a lot. They come from a hard working tribe, which makes many tribes believe that their wealth comes from stealing. This tribe own apartments in Nairobi, in fact they control 80 % of the assets and businesses in Nairobi. But despite having majority share in the national cake, people believe they steal to be where they are.

When it comes to Luos, these people are known to love good lifestyle, Mercedes Benz and good car. Even if a Luo has nothing, he will try as much as possible to show off .More shocking is that these people would want to outshine their employers with big cars, eating and spending time at exclusive clubs and living in posh estates.

A Luhya man is also known to love Ugali and chicken. If you deny a Luhya man Obosuma and chicken, he will shed tears, cry uncontrollably.

A Kisii man loves sugar cane, bananas, ugali and meat. He also loves indigenous vegetables and fermented milk. Apart from that, he is also notorious for being angry and hot tempered.

Kalenjins are athletes in Nature while Kamba love bright colours.