Man Eating Community Enters Kenya from Uganda


The most feared man eating community in Uganda, is now in Bungoma, Kenya.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that more than 20 people belonging to the community crossed the Kenya-Uganda border through Busia and have now camped in Bungoma.

The community, which feasts on human flesh, has almost exhausted their meal in their backyard, and are now determined to seek for a meal in Bungoma.

One social media user confirmed:

“Hello Mums,…,Is it true?This so sad.Naskia sasa wameingia Kenya.It started from Uganda border,I have the audio clip from Radio Citizen.

Please let’s pray for Novena for 3 days. God is going to deal with it”

In Kenya, witches from Kisii community are known to feast on human flesh. No any other community does that.

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