Master of Business Administration (MBA) jobs and Salaries in South Africa


Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the best masters courses to study in South Africa and among the highest paying programs in the country. Jobs for MBA graduates are plenty, which pay attractive salaries.

Currently the opportunities for MBA graduates are diminishing but there are still chances for individuals with work experience spanning at least 3 years. South Africans who wish to pursue MBA are always advised to search for employment and join the program while working. Doing this will enable you accumulate relevant experience as you pursue your dream course.

The most encouraging thing about MBA program is that it comes with attractive salaries. A fresh MBA graduate earns R30, 000, which increase significantly with progressive relevant experience.

An experience MBA graduate, who has risen through the corporate ladder to become a manager earns R60, 000-R90, 000 per month. It is very important to have MBA qualification at this level.

Studying MBA is more than just a piece of paper, especially if your goal is to become a manager. Sometimes, in South Africa, you can be denied an opportunity simply because you don’t possess an MBA or related course. It is because of this reason that we believe the course is both an investment and an asset.

If you are intending to study MBA,the best universities include top 10 universities in the country, Universities in the UK,USA,Australia and Canada.It’s always advisable to pursue the program from a top university.