Master’s programmes offered at the University of Amsterdam,Netherlands


University of Amsterdam, Netherlands offers competitive master’s degree programmes, which are highly marketable.

Some of the best master’s courses at this university include Accountancy and Controls, Actuarial science, Business administration and economics.

Below is a list of masters courses offered at the University of Amsterdam.

  1. Accountancy and Control
  2. Accountancy and Control: Accountancy (track)
  3. Accountancy and Control: Control (track)
  4. Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance
  5. Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance: General (track)
  6. Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance: Quantitative Risk Management (track)
  7. American Studies (History)
  8. Ancient History (Classics and Ancient Civilizations)
  9. Ancient Studies (Classics and Ancient Civilizations)
  10. Archaeology (research)
  11. Archaeology of Northwestern Europe (Archaeology)
  12. Art Studies (Arts and Culture)
  13. Artificial Intelligence
  14. Artistic Research (Arts and Culture)
  15. Arts of the Netherlands (Arts and Culture)
  16. Atomic Scale Modeling of Chemical, Physical and Biomolecular Systems (ATOSIM)
  17. Biological Sciences
  18. Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution (track)
  19. Biological Sciences: General Biology (track)
  20. Biological Sciences: Green Life Sciences (track)
  21. Biological Sciences: Limnology and Oceanography (track)
  22. Biomedical Sciences
  23. Biomedical Sciences: Medical Biology (track)
  24. Biomedical Sciences: Neurobiology (track)
  25. Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  26. Business Administration (MBA)
  27. Business Administration (MBA): Big Data & Business Analytics
  28. Business Administration (MBA): Healthcare Management
  29. Business Administration (MSc)
  30. Business Administration (MSc): Digital Business (track)
  31. Business Administration (MSc): Entrepreneurship & Innovation (track)
  32. Business Administration (MSc): Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries (track)
  33. Business Administration (MSc): Leadership and Management (track)
  34. Business Administration (MSc): Marketing (track)
  35. Business Administration (MSc): Strategy (track)
  36. Business Administration: International Management (track)
  37. Business Economics
  38. Business Economics: Competition Law and Economics (track)
  39. Business Economics: Finance (track)
  40. Business Economics: Managerial Economics and Strategy (track)
  41. Business Economics: Real Estate Finance (track)
  42. Business in Society (joint Research Master’s programme)
  43. Chemistry (joint degree UvA/VU)
  44. Chemistry: Analytical Sciences (track)
  45. Chemistry: Molecular Sciences (track)
  46. Chemistry: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track)
  47. Chemistry: Science, Business and Innovation (track)
  48. Chemistry: Sustainability – The Molecular Approach (track)
  49. Child Development and Education
  50. Classics (Classics and Ancient Civilizations)
  51. Communication Science: Research Master’s
  52. Communication Science: Corporate Communication
  53. Communication Science: Entertainment Communication
  54. Communication Science: Persuasive Communication
  55. Communication Science: Political Communication
  56. Comparative Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture)
  57. Comparative Literature (Literary Studies)
  58. Computational Science (joint degree UvA/VU)
  59. Computer Science (joint degree UvA/VU)
  60. Conflict Resolution and Governance
  61. Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage
  62. Contemporary Asian Studies
  63. Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture)
  64. Cultural and Social Anthropology
  65. Discourse and Argumentation Studies (Communication and Information Studies)
  66. Earth Sciences
  67. East European Studies (European Studies)
  68. Econometrics
  69. Econometrics: Big Data Business Analytics (track)
  70. Econometrics: Econometrics (track)
  71. Econometrics: Financial Econometrics (track)
  72. Econometrics: Free Track
  73. Econometrics: Mathematical Economics (track)
  74. Economic Geography (Human Geography)
  75. Economics
  76. Economics: Behavioural Economics and Game Theory (track)
  77. Economics: Development Economics (track)
  78. Economics: International Economics and Globalisation (track)
  79. Economics: Markets and Regulation (track)
  80. Economics: Monetary Policy & Banking (track)
  81. Economics: Public Policy (track)
  82. English (track)
  83. English Literature and Culture (Literary Studies)
  84. Entrepreneurship (joint degree VU and UvA)
  85. Environmental Geography (Human Geography)
  86. European Policy (European Studies)
  87. European Politics and External Relations (Political Science)
  88. European Private Law (LLM)
  89. Executive Programme in Management Studies
  90. Film Studies (Media Studies)
  91. Forensic Science
  92. French (track)
  93. General Linguistics (Linguistics)
  94. German (track)
  95. Governing Europe (European Studies)
  96. Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Middle Eastern Studies)
  97. Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)
  98. Holocaust and Genocide Studies (History)
  99. Human Geography
  100. Identity and Integration (European Studies)
  101. Information Law (LLM)
  102. Information Studies
  103. Information Studies: Business Information Systems (track)
  104. Information Studies: Data Science (track)
  105. Information Studies: Game Studies (track)
  106. Information Studies: Human Centred Multimedia (track)
  107. International Criminal Law (LLM)
  108. International Development Studies
  109. International Development Studies
  110. International Dramaturgy (Arts and Culture)
  111. International Relations (Political Science)
  112. International Tax Law (LLM)
  113. International and European Law: European Competition Law and Regulation (LLM track)
  114. International and European Law: European Union Law (LLM track)
  115. International and European Law: International Trade and Investment Law (LLM track)
  116. International and European Law: Public International Law (LLM track)
  117. Italian (track)
  118. Journalism, Media and Globalisation (Erasmus Mundus Master’s – joint degree)
  119. Landscape and Heritage (Archaeology)
  120. Language and Education (Linguistics)
  121. Language and Society (Linguistics)
  122. Law, Markets and Behaviour (LLM track)
  123. Life Sciences: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
  124. Linguistics (research)
  125. Literary Studies (research)
  126. Literature and Education (Literary Studies)
  127. Literature, Culture and Society (Literary Studies)
  128. Logic
  129. Master in International Finance (MIF)
  130. Mathematical Physics
  131. Mathematics
  132. Media Studies (research)
  133. Medical Anthropology and Sociology
  134. Medical Informatics
  135. Mediterranean Archaeology (Archaeology)
  136. Museum Studies (Heritage Studies)
  137. Musicology (Arts and Culture)
  138. New Media and Digital Culture (Media Studies)
  139. Philosophy
  140. Philosophy (research)
  141. Physics and Astronomy (joint degree UvA/VU)
  142. Physics and Astronomy: Advanced Matter and Energy Physics (track)
  143. Physics and Astronomy: Astronomy and Astrophysics (track)
  144. Physics and Astronomy: Gravitation, Astro- and Particle Physics (track)
  145. Physics and Astronomy: Physics of Life and Health (track)
  146. Physics and Astronomy: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track)
  147. Physics and Astronomy: Science, Business and Innovation (track)
  148. Physics and Astronomy: Theoretical Physics (track)
  149. Political Economy (Political Science)
  150. Political Geography (Human Geography)
  151. Political Science
  152. Political Theory (Political Science)
  153. Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (Heritage Studies)
  154. Psychology
  155. Psychology: Cultural Psychology
  156. Public International Law (LLM)
  157. Public Policy and Governance (Political Science)
  158. Religious Studies (Theology and Religious Studies)
  159. Religious Studies (research)
  160. Rhetoric, Argumentation Theory and Philosophy
  161. Scandinavian (track)
  162. Slavonic (track)
  163. Social Sciences
  164. Sociology
  165. Sociology: Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies (track)
  166. Sociology: Cultural Sociology (track)
  167. Sociology: Gender, Sexuality and Society (track)
  168. Sociology: Migration and Ethnic Studies (track)
  169. Sociology: Social Problems and Social Policy (track)
  170. Sociology: Urban Sociology (track)
  171. Software Engineering
  172. Spanish (track)
  173. Stochastics and Financial Mathematics
  174. System and Network Engineering
  175. Television and Cross-Media Culture (Media Studies)
  176. Theatre Studies (Arts and Culture)
  177. Tinbergen Institute Master of Philosophy in Economics
  178. Urban Geography (Human Geography)
  179. Urban Studies
  180. Urban and Regional Planning
  181. Western Esotericism









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