MBA jobs and salaries in India


Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the best masters to pursue in India. Jobs for these graduates are limited but once they land a job at any sector, their salaries become attractive.

MBA takes at least 1 and half years to complete, that is after you submit your thesis or projects. After completing, an individual finds himself searching for employment.

The most important thing is identifying the best company to work for, but since most people don’t have a choice, nature takes its course. If you manage to lad a well-paying job, with an MBA you will earn a starting salary of 8k lakh per annum, and with time your salary will rise based on experience and job title.

One of the things you should remember is that having a masters alone is not enough: when it comes to employment and salaries, what you contribute to the company matter most.Besides, the university you pursued your MBA matters a lot. We have noticed that most employers in this country prefer people who pursued their MBAs in UK, USA,Australia or Canada. Even so, there are other graduates from India who secure employment easily even without work experience.

Now, when it comes to salaries companies in telecommunications,banking,insurance and audit firms tend to pay more as compared to manufacturing and agriculture sectors. With an MBA,you are assured of earning at least 15k lakh per annum if you work for high paying companies.







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