Melania Trump ‘won’t move into White House’ as first lady


Melania Trump,Donald Trump’s wife,has revealed that she won’t move into White House after all.

Donald Trump, who would assume office in January, has also confirmed his family will stay at their home in penthouse in New York. He added that his son, who is currently in school must finish classes January, which would allow the family to move to White House.

The investor claims “the campaign has been difficult for Barron” and the family hoped “to keep disruption to a minimum”. He adds that even after they occupy White House, they would still be living in their Manhattan residence in Trump Tower, which might presents a massive security challenge for the secret service and New York law enforcement officials.

Trump has also confirmed he would be considering spending his weekends at his golf course in New Jersey,  his Mar-a-Lago private club in Palm Beach, or at his Manhattan residence in Trump Tower