Mgid Ads Review, How To Join And its Minimum Payout


MGID is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives, but it’s not better than Google AdSense. If you are not able to join Google AdSense program, you can try MGID, which is now among the most popular in the world.

Joining MGID requires at least 30,000 page views per month, which is achieveble.Unlike other programs, it takes few hours to be accepted into the program, where you are required to sign in  to MGID dashboard and generate a CODE which you will put into your website.

The CPM for MGID is between $1-$10 per 1000 impressions, meaning that if you have a website that receives 10,000 impressions per day, you will make at least $10 per day.However,the CPM depends on geographical location; if your traffic is from U.S.A,Canada,Australia,German or UK,you will make up to $100 per day if page impressions are 10,000 .But if your traffic is from India and developing countries, you will have to work extremely hard to earn at least $10 per day.

Once you have placed a banner on your website, you are required to monitor earnings, which are updated periodically. At the end of the month, you will receive the amount you earned the previous month. Payment by MGID is through Cheque, Paypal or Wire transfer-we advise publishers to use wire transfer because it’s more convenient. Minimum payout is $50

Below are some of the testimonies of individuals who use MGID on their websites.


“I started using MGID in 205 December. At first I used to get traffic of between 2,000-5,000 per day.With this traffic, I could make $4-$10 in a day. But most of my traffic came from India and Africa”.


“I use both AdSense and MGID and my daily traffic is 10,000.On average, I make $250-$400 per month from MGID and more from AdSense”.

If you want to join,here is a link (MGID sign up link)