MGID vs Content.AD,Which is better?

MGID and Content.AD are rivals to Google AdSense but their earnings are slightly less. Many bloggers always ask which among the two is suitable to be used in blogs to supplement income from Google AdSense. Below we provide our experience after using the two on some of our blogs.

How to Join Content.Ad or MGID

To join either Conent.Ad or MGID is very easy. Any of the two requires at least 30,000 monthly page views, which is easy to achieve.

If you have minimum monthly page views, you simply sign up through this link, and you will receive acceptance email from the respective companies.

You will be directed to the dashboard where you will generate a code and place it on your blog.

I know what you want to hear is how much you can make from Content.AD and MGID, well, the amount of money generated from the two depend on your traffic and the country where you are blogging from.

Bothe content.AD and MGID are based on Cost Per Click(CPC) and CPM,whose earnings are purely based on traffic geographical locations and the amount of traffic generated from your blog.

From my own experience, I didn’t find any difference between the two but I noticed Content.AD had more quality adverts than MGID, which brought slightly more earnings than the latter.

In a single day, I received 10,000 page views. From this traffic, I was able to make $7-$15 per day. In a single month, I made between $150 to $250, which supplemented my earnings from other sources.

But what was weird was the fact that every month, I didn’t receive exactly the amount indicated on the dashboard, I received $30 les—I have not found the answer even up to now.

Between MGID and Content.Ad, which is better

For my case, I found content.AD better than MGID in all aspects. The click through rate for Content.AD was higher than that of MGID for about 20 %.Also, earnings for Content.AD was much better as compared to its competitor MGID.

Bottom line

Both Content. Ad and MGID are ideal for supplementing income from AdSense and other programs,but MGID is more superior.You can join MGID through this link and enjoy the income