Minimum and Maximum Hours You Should Sleep If You Want To Be Productive and Live Long


Every human being would want to know the number of hours they should sleep in order to have productive day. Most individuals suggest 4 hours while others suggest 8 hours, but here is the most accurate answer.

Sleeping is the only time you have to relax your mind, and if you have insufficient sleep chances are the following day you won’t be productive. It is recommended that you sleep for 7-9 hours a day, so that you can allow your body to recover from exhaustion.

In USA, Japan and many countries where 24-hour economy exists, people sleep for a maximum of 6 hours. With this kind of lifestyle, diseases like hypertension and heart attack are common because the mind and body is overstretched. Sleeping for 4 hours is extremely dangerous.

Lydia,who works at a popular restaurant in New York explains why sleeping for less hours almost caused heart attack.

“I was earning $15 per hour and thought the money was not enough. At that time I was working for 10 hours and sleeping for 8 hours. I decided to seek for another job to supplement my income. The second job was more involving and consumed much of my sleeping time, So I ended up sleeping for just 4 hours.

Four months into the new job,I started feeling fatigue and one day as I was washing utensils, I collapsed. That was the time a Doctor gave me the shocking news, that I had almost developed heart attack due to overworking and sleeping for less hours. He advised me to work less and sleep more.I now sleep for 8 hours a day”.

It is advisable that you sleep for 8 hours and work for at most 15 hours. It is extremely important to relax your boy because by doing so, you give it time to regain energy and prepare to tackle other tasks. It is also important to do so because you are able to reason well and be creative. People who sleep for less hours develop a lot of fatigue, they think less and get exhausted fast. These people are not less innovative and slow at work.