Most Expensive estates in Nairobi, You should not look for houses here if you are earning less than Ksh100, 000 per month.


Assuming that you are new in Nairobi and you desperately want a house to live yet you don’t know anyone to help you get one, what step will you take!

Many people are always left in dilemma when they first arrive in Nairobi, they don’t know which direction to follow in order to get a house that will be friendly to their pockets. It is always wise to consult the internet or someone who is familiar with the city, otherwise you might be embarrassed.

As a Kenyan, you are aware that we aren’t equal, some people are better than us, we are also better than others, and the cycle continues. When you arrive in Nairobi, the following estates are a no go zone if you are not good pocket wise.

1. Muthaiga
Muthaiga is located the Northern side of Nairobi central business district. It is one the estates that is built to accommodate rich people only. The who is who in Kenya live here and they have set standards that don’t tolerate poor people to get near the estate.

Some of the people who live in Muthaiga include billionaire Chris Kirubi and former President.
If you intend to live in Muthaiga then prepare to pay a monthly rent of at least Ksh 300,000.

2. Karen
Before I say anything you should be aware that Deputy President William Ruto lives in Karen, others include former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Attorney General Githu Muigai among other big wigs.

This is one area where poverty is only heard on TV. If they see you near the estate, you will know why Kenya has two tribes. But if you are prepared to pay monthly rent of at least Ksh150, 000 then you are welcome.

3. Lavington
Lovington is another Estate where potbellied and those who have accumulated enough money to feed a generation live.

This is a place where standards are maintained, if your standard goes down, you will definitely be thrown out.If you feel big enough to live here then prepare to pay monthly rent of at least Ksh 200,000

4. Nyari
Nyari is not old as you can imagine, but the estate is giving Muthaiga a run for its money. Nearly 95 % of Nyari residents are extremely rich.You can’t live here if your bank account reads less than Sh 50 million.

5. Westlands
When I am talking about Westlands I don’t mean Kinoo,I mean where UN employees live. This is a place where you even feel embarrassed to walk minus a car. The rent for a three bedroom house in Westlands goes for at least Ksh 200,000 per month. Who on his right senses can look for a house in this area if his salary is less than Ksh 100k per month?

6. Runda and Kitisuru
I didn’t know that that in Nairobi there are people who pay a monthly rent of Ksh 500,000 until I visited Runda.These two estates are truly for the rich, dare to live there, you will be forced to sell all your assets just for rent.

7. Kileleshwa
Kileleshwa is some metres from Nairobi central business district. The houses in kileleshwa are elegant, with excellent finishing, perhaps to attract a certain class of people. You can’t just live in Kileleshwa if you are not ready to pay at least Ksh 75,000 per month.

8. Kilimani and Hurlingham
Here those who earn at least Ksh 200,000 can be allowed in but with some conditions.
You can easily get a one bedroom house in Kilimani at Ksh 60,000.






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