Most Expensive Soap in the World


It’s exciting to bath with the most expensive soap in the world. If you didn’t know, there is a soap that costs at least $10, 000, and it’s a simple soap-just like other soaps.

Qatar soap

A famous family in in Lebanon has manufactured a very expensive soap. The soap, which was purposely manufactured to sell to tycoons, is infused with gold and diamond.

If you want a single bar soap of Qatar soap, you must part with $3, 000, which is the asking price.

The family prides of having such a rare soap because it has attracted over 100,000 visitors, where some have expressed interest of buying one.

expensive soap

Plank’s Cor Soap

Plank’s Cor Soap is another very expensive soap.The Cor soap is manufactured by a company named Plank, and it goes for $125.

The ingredients that are used to manufacture this soap is the reason why the price is as high as you see above. The bar soap contains shitosan, sericin, and four types of collagen. It also contains silver, which is supposed to act as an antibacterial agent.

The company says over 1,000 orders are made weekly, and of late the sales have increased significantly.

Tipo Morbido Shaving Soap

Tipo Morbido is a Shaving Soap,which contains standard ingredients like benzyl alcohol, tallow, and parfum.

A single bar soap costs $10,000.


The bar soap is expensive because it can be used to heal various skin diseases as well as give fresh feeling.

Italian Berber is behind this ideas, and according to the maker, the soap has helped thousands of people who come to his shops for shaving. He also intimates that over 10 soaps fly off the shelves weekly.

Normally, a single bar soap costs $ 2-$5,it can even cost less in some countries.






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