Most Marketable courses to study for jobs in Somalia


Somalia is a country which has experienced a lot for the past few decades. The experience the locals have had is enough to make them realize the need to be more resourceful and avoid unnecessary wars.

The locals should draw motivation from their neighboring countries, Southern Sudan, Burundi and Rwanda, who have experienced deadly war in the past.

As the country finds its foot, several Non-Governmental Organizations and multinationals are striving to set foot in Somalia soil, so as to help the country men and women built their country. Somalia has huge potential of becoming African Power House only if the locals decide to say enough is enough and start building their country.

There are still lots of hope as more and more young people advance their skills to take the leadership of their country. During the course of my work, I have met a number of young, ambitious and determined Somalia citizens who have enrolled for university education and have vowed to return to their country and seek leadership, which is very encouraging.

Somalia needs professionals in order to see progress. If you are one of the many youths who intend to join college for a bright future, these are the courses you should study in college.

  1. Project Management/Monitoring and Evaluation/Statistics

The three courses are highly correlated in terms of content. Since Somalia has several Non-governmental Organizations who need services from the locals, pursuing any of the above courses will land you a very good job with excellent renumeration.

  1. Medicine/Nursing

Nursing and Medicine are the best courses for Somalia ciizens.There are a number of hospitals in Mogadishu which import Doctors from as far as Kenya to treat patients, simply because Somalia lacks enough Doctors to perform the duties.

The wisest decision you will make is to enroll for either Nursing or Medicine in the University of your Choice.

  1. Bachelor of Commerce/Business Administration

There are several emerging companies in Somalia which need experts in the business world to run their firms. Business Administration/Bachelor of Commerce will not only provide a platform to be one of the greatest managers in Somalia but it will also provide you with skills to start your own venture and be a great entrepreneur.

Finance Managers are among the highest paid professionals in Somalia, being one of these few blessed people will be a great achievement.

  1. Customs/clearing ad forwarding

When peace finally returns to Somalia, several shipping companies will set base at the port. Clearing and forwarding professionals will be highly sought to work in the industry. Even the few companies existing at the port are actively recruiting these professionals.

  1. Engineering (mechanical,electrical,civil)

I have not understood why Somalia students never bother to study Engineering when there are several opportunities waiting for them. Engineering is a course that would make you very marketable even beyond Somalia. You will have a chance to engage with other Engineers from other countries.

  1. Architecture/Real Estate

As the country prepare for an up take, Architects will be the most sought professionals in the entire republic. A time will come when there will be construction going on in every part of the country.Archtects will be the once designing the structures. So be the first to study this course and make a kill out of your skills.

  1. Hotel Management

This is definitely one course you should not ignore if you want to make an impact in the job market. Hotel industry is growing, so you should be part of it.It will not matter whether you have experience or not but as long as you have skills, you won’t miss a job in any of the big hotels in Somalia.

  1. Education

This one does not need a debate. It’s obvious several Somalia kids are joining schools but teachers are lacking. Enroll for a degree or diploma in education and bring change in this country.







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