Most Profitable Business to Start in Southern Sudan

Southern Sudan is the youngest country in the world, following a successful referendum which saw North and South part ways to form two sovereign states.

The country has a population of over 11.3 million, most of who depend on revenue from oil to make ends meet.

Sudan had experienced one of the worst genocides in the African continent; millions of people lost their lives and millions of others were internally displaced. The main motivation for war was oil, which is mainly found in southern Sudan.

Pressure from United Nations Security Council and the International community forced Sudan President Al Bashir to give up on southern Sudan, thus leading to the birth of Southern Sudan.

Today, the youngest country remains the only country in East and Central Africa with millions of opportunities which are not exploited.

If you intend to pursue you dream, then Southern Sudan should be your destination. The following are the most profitable business you can set up in Southern Sudan

1. A School
The level of illiteracy in Southern Sudan is very due to the years wasted on war. Since the country has recovered from the worst genocide, the government has laid strategies to develop their country. This vision will not be achieved without human resources. Education is important at the moment and whoever sets a school in Southern Sudan will reap maximum benefits.

2. Electronic Shop
Here in Southern Sudan people like living large and the first thing they do the moment they get money is to buy gadgets. If you can get a way of setting up an electronic shop in the middle of Juba, you’ll be surprised how they will flock into your business.

The fast moving gadgets include smartphones (Samsung, iPhone, Sony, HTC, LG, and Tecno) and flat screens and speakers.

3. Forex Bureau
Forex Bureau business requires huge capital to set up but if you have at least $50, 000, you can have one.

Those who engage in oil business must convert their currency to make it acceptable for business in Southern Sudan.

Also, many foreigners who come to the country are comfortable when they exchange their currency in a legally recognized Forex Bureau.

You will not lose your money by investing in Forex bureau…they are scarce here.Juba has countable forex bureaus, which are doing very well.

4. Real Estate Consultant Firm
This is the best time to start a real estate consultant firm, when three quarters of the population don’t know the value of idle land.

Large tracts of land are lying idle and the owners are willing to sell to whoever has some dollars to spare on land.

You can buy the land, especially in Juba, keep it and wait until multinationals come to set up their businesses here.You will sell to them a million times the buying price.

5. Hotel
It’s unfortunate that very few hotels in the country provide good services to the citizens. Most of these hotels are owned by foreigners and affluent Sudanese.

Putting up a hotel in Sudan will never disappoint you as long as peace exists.

A number of Juba residents love class and swag. A boutique will be a well thought idea for any entrepreneur who intend to have a grand entry into Southern Sudan.

Other businesses include trading in cars, jewellery, general shop and selling cereals.






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