Most Visited Blogs in Kenya 2018

Most bloggers are eager to know the most visited blogs in Kenya as at 2018.According to data from Alexa,here are the top 25 most visited sites in Kenya in 2018.

1 Tuko 30 million
2 Standard Media 45 million
3 Nation 40 million
4 The Star 25 million
5 sde 12 million
6 Citizen TV 9 million
8 Ghafla 8 million
9 Kenyans 3 million
10 Kenyamoja 2.5 million
11 NTD.TV 2.3 million
12 Mpasho 1.7 million
13 Venas News 1.7 million
14 BrighterMonday 1.5 million
15 Victor Matara 700,000
16 Career Point Kenya 700,000
17 Kenyan Post 650,000
18 My Job Mag 600,000
19 Business Daily Africa 600,000
20 Soft Kenya 600,000
21 Fuzu 550,000
22 Jobweb Kenya 550,000
23 Kenyaplex 530,000
24 Capital FM 500,000
25 Pulselive 500,000

The most popular blog in Kenya is Standardmedia with 40 million monthly visitors. The blog’s total number of visits dropped by 25% after Facebook reviewed its algorithm.Tuko, which on paper is the most visited takes position 2 with 30 million visits.

Over the past few months, precisely from January 2018 to April the same year, most blogs lost traffic, others with at least 50% visits. This was attributed to Facebook changes.

Blogging in Kenya is changing and in future, only few blogs will survive. Even those that will survive won’t manage over 30 million visits as is the case for Tuko.

In 2017 most sites that existed among the most visited websites in Kenya,have since dropped.Sites like Plive and Softkenya that used to dominate are now pushed downwards.Surprisingly,blogs like Venas News and Victor Matara,which have almost zero Facebook following are appearing in the list of most popular blogs in Kenya.

Now,as a blogger, what will you do to appear among the most popular websites in the country? Here is the trick.

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Make sure as you learn the usage of keywords, you take into consideration high quality articles. Without generating high quality articles, readers will eventually get bored with you.