My Experience with Pagely Hosting Company


I joined Pagely in 2015, and this is my experience with this hosting company.

I started blogging in 2013, days after I graduated with a degree in Computer Science. The reason why I decided I wouldn’t follow my father’s dream of ensuring I become a software engineer is because I didn’t have passion for this career, my passion was in blogging and discovering new things online.

Since I was good in computer science, I managed to create my blog from scratch. The blog was later to be my work.

The first few days I used a free WordPress template and low level domain but later changed to Newspaper Theme, which is so far one of the best themes for bloggers and news sites. Traffic was not easy to get as the blog was relatively new, but after months of hard work, I started receiving between 3,000 to 10,000 daily visitors.

Initially I was hosting at Namecheap as a small website. When my site grew  I upgraded from shared hosting to VPS and finally to Dedicated Server. My problem with Namecheap was that whenever I received traffic spikes, my website could go down, even when I moved to a dedicated server.

After getting fed up with Namecheap,I started searching for a Managed WordPress Hosting company. I landed on Pagely.

My first hurdle was the price the company was charging,but since I wanted to grow I didn’t  mind paying more for quality services.I spoke with a customer care person,who took me step by step until I set up my account, which had the following features:


A WordPress Optimized entry-level VPS. SSH + WP_CLI + Redis + Staging + Database access complemented by 3.75GB of RAM on this SSD backed Amazon c4.large instance.

Single Node
Shared Aurora RDS Database Cluster (Dedicated DB Available)

  • 30 Sites
  • 50GB DISK
  • 200GB BW
  • 1TB CDN


This was the cheapest plan offered by Pagely and I chose it.

One month with the company was exciting because it automatically scaled whenever there were traffic spikes.Within three months,I managed to grow my site to become one of the top 100,000 websites in the world. Even after doing this,I realized my website was consuming more than the stipulated bandwidth.

Since I was making $2,000-$4,000 per month,I didn’t mind paying more so as to avoid problems with the bandwidth.I upgraded my account to


Step up from VPS-1 with 2x the RAM and compute resources. These WordPress optimized c4.xlarge instances are ideal for applications using E-Commerce or Membership systems with higher concurrency requirements.

Single Node
Shared Aurora RDS Database Cluster (Dedicated DB Available)

  • 60 Sites
  • 50GB DISK
  • 300GB BW
  • 2TB CDN



This one was okay because I was exhausting not more than 300GB of bandwidth.My website continued growing until it became top 50,000.since it had so many images,I couldn’t manage the VPS-2 plan-I told the company to upgrade to


VPS-1+ [HA]

A load balanced and synchronized pair of VPS-1 nodes in separate availability zones for maximum uptime and increased concurrent connections. This High Availability configuration serves several of million monthly pageviews with ease.

Dual Nodes in Active/Active Configuration
Shared Aurora RDS Database Cluster (Dedicated DB Available)

  • 30 Sites
  • 50GB DISK
  • 500GB BW
  • 3TB CDN




This was in the year 2016.

From that time I am still at Pagely and happy that they have helped me grow as they grow too.Though I am paying $1,249 per month,I am able to make at least $4,000 from my website.

One great advantage Pagely has over Namesheap is that even if my website receives traffic spikes, it never goes down.

Pagely is an excellent WordPress Hosting company for websites with heavy traffic. I can attest to this because I have first-hand experience. For your information, a hosting company can either build you or shutter your dreams, but of all the companies that are likely to shutter your dreams, Pagely is not included.

One great experience I have learnt over time is that when you want your website to grow,you have to spend, spend on website security and anti-hacking modalities, ensure 100 % uptime, ensure even with traffic spikes your website does not go down—few companies will assure this,Pagely and Kinsta being some of the best.

The last but important point is that if you have a WordPress website, you better host it in a WordPress Managed Hosting company.