My Website Receives over 20,000 page views per day, which is the best web hosting company for me?


“I am mark and I own a website that receives over 20,000 page views per day. Over time, the website has grown to become vitral.I expect it to start receiving over 50,000 page views by the end of this year.

Since I don’t want my website to get frequent downtime, I want to migrate it to a more stable web hosting company. Could you please advise me about the best web hosting company for this amount of traffic?”


If you choose a bad web hosting company, chances are that the company will kill your business and you will be forced to close down. It’s advisable you choose the best web hosting company, that guarantee at least 99% uptime.

Based on our own experience, we suggest that you migrate your website to Bluehost shared hosting plan.But we highly recommend that you host with Kinsta, where I am also hosting.

There are several reasons why I particularly recommend Kinsta.Since your website is expected to grow and become viral, Kinsta has powerful servers that will automatically scale to sustain your traffic. This means that at no time your site will experience downtime, not even when it will receive more than 5,000 concurrent readers.

I am one of the Kinsta customers and I can attest that I have had excellent relationship with the guys. There is not time my website has ever went down, unlike my previous host.

So,if you have been at logger heads with your hosting company, please move to Kinsta as soon as today.