NGOs to Drop CVs in Nairobi


Being a fresh graduate in Kenya is the hardest thing in Kenya. Sometimes you feel like leaving the country after a series of frustrations. Imagine the energy you spend in school and after graduation you realize no one is bothered to give you a job; this is what a number of fresh graduates in Kenya are facing.

There are numerous NGOs in Nairobi which employ graduates but don’t place adverts on public domain, they only take people they know or the CVs they have on their database.

Based on the information we have gathered over the year concerning NGOs that employ graduates without advertising for the vacancies, we list the most reliable as follows. We can’t promise that you will get a job instantly, but we strongly advise you to apply for one.

  1. AMREF

AMREF is situated along Langata road and it’s concerned with providing emergency health care services as well as offering training on array of courses. We have evidence that many graduates have gotten employment at the institution purely on merit and out of blind job applications.

You can offer to volunteer first and wait for opportunity to arise, or simply apply for a suitable position, relevant to your profession.

  1. Kenya Red Cross

Kenya Red Cross is located along Mombasa Road and is one of the best NGOs to work for in Kenya. One interesting thing about this NGO is that it finances its activities through various projects; it won’t run out of finances.

You can join the institution as a volunteer or through applying for a position you feel is fit for you. They always advertise for positions on their websites.

  1. Catholic Relief Services

This is another NGO which could be your future employer. It’s owned by Catholic Church and offers relief services to people suffering from natural calamities as well as taking care of the disadvantaged.

If you feel comfortable working with them, you can drop them a CV with a title “Volunteer”, “internship” or a job that you feel is suitable for you.

  1. Innovation for Poverty Action

I will tell you something you didn’t know about this NGO.Surprisingly, it has so many openings that if you drop your CV to them, they may call you the following day.

  1. Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

EGPAF is an institution which has earned its name through wonderful work they do in areas devastated by HIV and AIDS menace. You won’t go wrong by dropping a CV at their headquarters in Nairobi. You might land on a very good job with excellent renumeration.

  1. FHI 360

FHI 360 is a wonderful NGO to work with in Kenya. I know a number of friends who work there, some earn up to Ksh250, 000 per month. Drop your CV there and you would be surprised to receive a call from them.

  1. ADESO

Adeso reserves a lot of money from international donors. It’s among few institutions blessed with continuous funding, which can run the organization for several years. If you want to work in an organization that will give you what you want in terms of money, freedom and skills, then this is the right place to be.

  1. World Vision

World Vision mostly works in hardship areas in Kenya and East Africa. We can’t promise you that you will get a job immediately you send your CV there, but we can assure you that the moment they receive your CV they will store it safely in their database until opportunities arise.

The best way to join World Vision is by applying as an Intern or Volunteer.

  1. United Nations

This is a giant body, a parent of all NGOs in Kenya. Every year, United Nations employ fresh graduates, either Diploma or Degree holders, to work as Interns or Volunteers. If you want to join this humongous institution, log in to their website and apply for relevant opportunities.


You can also seek internship in Kemri,especially is you are a fresh graduate with qualifications in Statistics,Nursing,Medicine,Public Health,Monitoring and evaluation,Agriculture and Finance






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