NIC Bank Motor Insurance Cover


NIC Bank offers Motor Insurance Cover, which covers damages from accidents. Their comprehensive motor insurance gives you confidence that your vehicle is taken care of. They have a comprehensive cover that has various classes including:

  • Private vehicles
  • Commercial Own Goods
  • General Cartage
  • Public Service Vehicles (PSV)
  • Pre-negotiated competitive pricing with our insurers
  • Excess protector
  • Terrorism and political cover
  • We cover damage from riots, strikes and malicious damage
  • AA and AAR membership
  • Our insurers may provide a vehicle for you to use in case of an accident
  • We provide you with the option to repair your damaged vehicle at your preferred garage (cash in lieu settlements subject to assessment by insurer)
  • Cover can be extended especially for commercial vehicles cover: goods, loan repayment, personal accident cover for driver and loader
  • Comprehensive coverage can be extended beyond Kenya into the COMESA region
  • Free annual valuation

Instead of approaching insurance company, you can visit any NIC bank for motor vehicle insurance cover.