How to Pay Water Bills Through Centenary Bank Uganda


You can your water bills online through Centenary Bank Uganda. Instead of struggling to visit water company to pay your bills,E-Water Payment by Centenary Bank solves all your problem. This is how it goes:

E-Water Payments

This is a flexible and convenient water bill payment method for all our customers
through all Centenary Bank’s branches and service centers.

1. Visit any Centenary Bank barnch
2. Present your NWSC bill to the teller
3. Make payment to Teller by cash or cheque
4. Teller credits your NWSC account and issues you a stamped reciept as confirmation of payment
5. Your NWSC will be updated and you will receive an instant SMS confirming this

Main features: 

  • No bank charges.
  • Instant confirmation of your payment to your mobile phone number.
  • The service can be used by both our esteemed customers and the general

Basic Requirements:: 

  • Your National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) water bill or your
    NWSC customer reference number.
  • The amount you wish to deposit to your NWSC account.
  • Your mobile phone number.


  • Ease of making your water bill payment in a secure environment.
  • Ability to make your water bill payment in over 59 service locations countrywide even you don’t hold an account with Centenary Bank
  • Flexibility of payment (either cash, draft, standing order or cheque).
  • Instant credit of your NWSC account.
  • No charge.
  • Flexible since you do not have to fill in a deposit slip.
  • Payment is reflected on your NWSC account instantly.