Pearson Institute Courses


Pearson Institute offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate courses


Undergraduate Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting
  3. Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management
  4. Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management
  5. Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management
  6. Bachelor of Commerce in Law

Post-graduate Degrees

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Administration


The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a broad and flexible degree grounded in the behavioural sciences. You are able to tailor your subject choice to match your career goals through a choice of six specialised streams. These streams are Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management, Psychology and Human Resource Management, Psychology and Political Science, Industrial Psychology and Political Science, Psychology and English and Industrial Psychology and English.

The BA (Journalism) covers a range of core modules such as English, Journalism Writing, Media Theory and Broadcast Journalism. You also get to practise your writing, editing, photography and basic design skills throughout the degree.

The BA (Public Relations) covers the core subject areas of Communication Science, Public Relations, Media Theory, Broadcasting Journalism and Journalism Writing. You get to plan PR campaigns and to develop essential abilities in planning campaigns, writing, presenting and basic design. Throughout the degree, you gain insights into the PR industry, business and marketing.

Our BA (Graphic design) and BA Hons (Graphic Design) span the multi-disciplinary nature of Graphic Design. The focus of the core modules is developing designers who are creative, well rounded, think independently and generate innovative designs. You will cover core practical modules such as Graphic Design, Digital Design, Drawing and Typography as well as the theory related to these and other subject areas.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Senior Phase and FET Teaching is a specialised postgraduate programme that prepares you for teaching in secondary schools.

What makes this school so outstanding is the immersive and experiential nature of our teaching and learning methods. Using a blend of interactive teaching, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and project-based assessment that emulates the workplace, we ensure that you are ready to navigate the world of work with real world skills. We have state-of-the-art psychology and education-specific facilities like microteaching, observation and play therapy rooms and a counselling unit. We also have drawing, design and photographic studios and a journalism computer lab with design and editing software and a variety of media resources.

Our strong associations with industry bodies translate into programmes that are highly relevant and market driven. Through participation in community and degree-specific projects we also ensure that you gain skills essential to the modern workplace such as critical thinking, problem solving, being innovative, collaborating with others and communication.

Undergraduate Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Post-Graduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Graphic Design

Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Senior Phase and FET Teaching


The BSc in Biomedicine and the BSc in Biotechnology Management are broad and intensive. Both degrees cover the core areas of biotechnology such as molecular biology, microbiology, animal and plant biology and applied chemistry. In addition, the BSc (Biomedicine) focuses on areas such as medical microbiology, immunology, pharmacology and physiology. The BSc (Biotechnology Management) concentrates on subject areas such as agricultural biotechnology, food and water microbiology and food technology. Both degrees place a strong emphasis on research, project management and manufacturing and laboratory practises.

The BSc in Computer Science, the BSc in Informatics and the BSc in Internet Communication provide you with broad and intensive knowledge of the theory, design, development and application of computer, information and communication systems. The Computer Science degree covers core subject areas such as Computer Science, Databases, Information Systems and Software Development. The Internet Communication degree concentrates on Communication Science, Media Theory, Information Systems and Software Development. In the BSc (Informatics), we combine the disciplines of computer science and management with core modules such as Information Systems and Software Development, as well as a choice of one elective group from Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing or Business Management. The BScHons (Information Technology) is an advanced and intensive programme that extends your knowledge of communication and information systems.

With our focus on technology-enhanced, interactive lecture-led and Work Integrated Learning (WIL), as well as project-based assessments, we offer you an environment that combines theory, research and practical application. In addition, we have excellent facilities such as state-of-the-art science labs, campus resource centres, computer labs, programming labs and quality lecture rooms. Our strong associations with industry translate into qualifications that are relevant, and our curriculum review system allows us to update our programmes very quickly, to keep ahead of technological innovation. We help you develop skills essential to the modern workplace, such as critical thinking, analysing and solving real problems, innovation, working in teams and effective communication. At PI, we ensure that you are ready to navigate the world of science and computer technology with real world skills.

Undergraduate Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Science in Informatics
  3. Bachelor of Science in Internet Communication
  4. Bachelor of Science in Biomedicine
  5. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology Management

PostGraduate Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Science Honours in Information Technology