How to start Play Station ,Toys and Gaming Business in Nairobi, It’s profitable.


The first time I saw a play station was in 2005 when my aunt bought one for her kid. I loved the idea because the game kept the kid in the house almost the entire day, thus preventing him from engaging in dangerous activities outside the house.

That time, the game was new in the country; you could only find few play stations in posh estates and one or two in ordinary estates. Today the game is the talk of the village, leave alone towns. More than 90 % of the houses in major towns have play stations.

The business is booming and those entrepreneurs who started earlier are eating life with big spoons, money is flowing as the products fly off the shelves. Initially the business was not lucrative until the game started being appreciated by town kids.

If you have intentions of starting a business in Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru or Mombasa, you better think of starting play station and gaming business. Over the past two years I have managed to speak to many entrepreneurs who own play stations in Nairobi and Mombasa. From how they describe the business I can tell you there are people who are making money in this country.

In Nairobi, if you have gaming and play station business, you can make up to Ksh30, 000 per day as profit. Many of them make between Ksh 10,000-Ksh30, 000 and they are very few with this business.

There are two ways to conduct the business. You can either have a shop which sell them to customers or have a room where children as well as adults come to play. I prefer both because they are profitable.

Starting a play station and gaming business will require around Ksh 500,000 in Nairobi but less in other small towns. The business is good during weekends and holidays when pupils and children are relaxing.

One thing you should understand is that once you have the business in a room you can conduct other small businesses within the room, which include selling water and soda, offering browsing and internet services and selling fresh juince.Remember people who will be in you building need to relax and have maximum entertainment.






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