Poorest communities in Kenya, Luos among them


Kenya has over 42 tribes, who have existed in the Kenyan soli for over 100 years.
The country has around five communities which control almost 95 % of the wealth in the country. These communities include Kikuyu, Kisii, Kalenjin, Luhya and Somali.

The wealthiest community, the Kikuyu has been in power for 0ver 30 year, putting them closer to wealth in the government. The Kalenjin too had their share when former President Moi ruled the country for 24 years. The Kisii; Somali and Luhya communities are rich by virtue of being entrepreneurs.

It’s believed that most of the poorest communities find themselves in the current situation because they’ve been alienated by the government for a long time. Bearing in mind that in Kenya, it’s scramble for the fittest some small communities don’t have tall hands to have a grip on the national cake.

But as we talk about richest communities in Kenya, who are these poor communities, the list will shock you.

1. Luo
Luo is among the poorest communities in the country. This situation started immediately when Oginga Odinga refused to take the leadership of this country and instead gave way to Jomo Kenyatta. The Luo community has been in opposition for the longest period. This has contributed significantly towards their lack of resources to start business or do meaningful ventures.

Luos are known for spending lavishly and saving little; they completely lack business ideas, even those exposed to money.

2. Turkana, Samburu
These communities live in North Eastern region which has been sidelined for several decades. The communities also engage in retrogressive cultures like cattle rustling, which make them less innovative in terms of business. It’s unfortunate that more than 80 % of the population in Turkana and Samburu are illiterate.

3. Oromo,Digo,Chonyi,Kauma,Rendile,Digo
They are also among the poorest communities in the country. It’s believed that these communities, which live in Coast, don’t have entrepreneurial skills to enable them spur growth though business. Most of them are either illiterate or semi illiterate.

4. Okiek,Nubia
These are the smallest communities in Kenya with a combined population of less than 300,000.The previous governments forgot them completely until the new constitution was enacted with provisions requiring the small communities to be considered for government appointments.






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