Procedure of Getting Equity Bank Salary Advance Loan


Salary advance is given to whoever wants a loan from Equity Bank for personal use.

Sometimes you can be broke until you think of going for salary advance. This is where Equity Bank comes in with attractive terms.

To apply for salary advance in Equity bank, follow the following procedure.


The loan is advanced up to four (4) times the average monthly net salary to help the salaried customers meet emergency needs.

Benefits of salary advance from Equity Bank

  1. It is Easy:

No security requirements up to Kshs. 300,000/-

Automatic debits from customer’s accounts for repayments (on instruction), no need to travel to the bank and queue.

  1. It is Fast:

Quick loan processing and disbursement

  1. It has Added Value:

Loan insurance against death and disability.

Advance of up to 4 times the customer’s net salary which is higher than most competing products.


Be an active account holder with Equity Bank

Submit their loan applications within a reasonable time

Be able to clearly demonstrate existence of other sources of income that could be utilized for loan payment

To apply click here






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