Rare careers with high Salaries in Kenya


1. Oil and Gas Engineer
Oil and Gas Engineering is not common in Kenya universities since it directly involves working in the oil industry, which was not existing 10 years ago.

When Tullow Oil Company announced that they have discovered oil in Turkana, the excitement alone resulted to introduction of Oil and Gas Engineering course at the University of Nairobi. Today, there are a number of Kenyans studying for the course both locally and abroad.

One thing that makes it more appealing to everyone intending to join college is the fact salaries attached to these professionals are extremely high.

In Kenya, the average monthly salary for an Engineer working with Tullow Oil is Ksh 250, 000; those who pursued Oil and Gas Engineering are paid even more.

2. Forex Dealers
Forex dealers work in major banks and stock brokers in Kenya. They are responsible for trading in currency in their respective banks.

Froex dealers, especially the experienced ones, are paid extremely well. Apart from the Bank Managers, forex dealers are a group of bank employees who reap maximum benefits from the banks.

The average monthly salary for a Forex Dealer in major banks is Ksh 180,000.

3. Actuarial Science
We call Actuarial Science a ‘rare’ profession because not even 1 percent of those who enroll for undergraduate degree bother to pursue Actuarial Science.

The course is a combination of Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Finance. It trains professionals on how to advice clients on risk management and market projections.

Actuarial Science became very popular in America and Britain in 1990s when it became clear that insurance companies needed Actuaries to advise them on how to set up Insurance premiums for their clients. This involved coming up with ideal formula to enable the companies serve millions of clients who had lined up for their services, with minimum time possible.

Actuaries were also required to come up with formulae to calculate the amount of money to be paid to a growing number of employees who were retiring from service.

In Kenya, the profession was introduced in 2010 and few people have pursued it to the last level. Those are the ones who are earning a monthly salary of as high as Ksh 1.5 million.

In order to succeed as an Actuary in Kenya, one must pursue professional courses administered by the Society of Actuaries or Institute of Actuaries.

4. Aeronautical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineers in Kenya are countable. Leave alone the engineers from Nairobi Aviation College, which was accused of selling academic papers to students.

Aeronautical Engineers are responsible for ensuring that planes are serviced before they take off.
These people are swimming in money, and in dollars. I managed to go through a pays lip for one of them and it read Khs 348,000.

Aeronautical engineers are trained in major universities around the world. Some of the best universities include Michigan, Loughborough, Glasgow and Briston University.

5. Security Analyst
Before the threat of Al-Shabaab no one knew that Security Analysts exist.

Security Analysts are tasked with assessing security situation of a country or a region and giving recommendations.

The Analyst study Criminology and Forensic Science in colleges. Most of them end up working with various security organs within the government.

In Kenya, if you are lucky to work with the National Intelligence Service or Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission as a Security Analyst, your life will never be the same again.

Criminology and Forensic Science course is offered at Kenyatta university and the institution offers limited opportunities for Kenyans.






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