Rent for apartments in Kileleshwa: bedsitter, one bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms


Kileleshwa is an estate within Nairobi where rich people as well as middle income earners live.

Many people avoid seeking houses to let in Kileleshwa because they have a believe the estate is very expensive, but I have full knowledge that some houses can accommodate middle income earners; if you earn less than Sh100,000,you could easily find a good house in Kileleshwa to live.

Who should live in Kileleshwa

The estate is ideal for high income earners, especially those earning above Sh200, 000 but it also accommodates people earning less than Sh100, 000.

Apartments in Kileleshwa are extremely elegant with excellent finishing. The drainage system is also excellent. Those are the things that separate Kileleshwa from other estates in Nairobi.

Rent for apartments in Kileleshwa

Monthly rent for a bedsitter in Kileleshwa is Sh 15,000-Sh 25,000

Monthly rent for one bedroom house in Kileleshwa is Sh 35,000-Sh 50,000

Monthly rent for two bedrooms house in Kileleshwa is Sh 45,000-Sh 75,000

Monthly rent for three bedrooms house in Kileleshwa is Sh 60,000-Sh150,000






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