Rent for single rooms, bedsitters, one bedroom, two bedrooms and Cost of living in Langata,

Langata is one of the estates in Nairobi that is preferred by middle class people. It has amazing houses coupled with fresh air and easy access to the famous Langata Road. One of the most exciting things about the estate is that security is guaranteed.

Langata is next to Kibera slums but that should not worry you because the two estates are totally different in regards to the lifestyles. While people in Kibera are used to normal and simple lives, Langata people are those individuals who are neither rich nor poor, just hanging there.

I have first-hand experience about living in Langata and I can assure you that once you settle there, no one can ever convince you to move out because the conditions are favourable for everybody. Unlike some estates in eastlands where a crowd falls on each other on streets because of overcrowding, Langata has enough space for residents to enjoy their movements. Sometimes you may walk across several apartments and streets and wonder whether people live there, it’s because there are few people in the estate.

1. Cost of living
When it comes to cost of living, this is simply one of the cheapest estates you can ever imagine in Nairobi. The presence of Kibera is a blessing for Langata people since cheap food being sold in Langata come from Kibera.There is plenty of vegetables in Langata.

When it comes to shopping, there is Uchumi supermarket next to Wilson Airport. Also; there is Galleria Shopping Mall which is located at Bomas of Kenya. You can also shop at various shops located inside the estates. For your information, Galleria Shopping Mall is among the best shopping malls in Nairobi, it’s simply one of the most beautiful malls in Kenya.I think the owner built it because it’s near Karen where rich people live.

Transport to town

Though Langata is one of the estates affected by traffic jam, you can always find a way of countering the menace. If you work in town and you are always expected at the office around 8 o’clock, then you have to wake up at, by 6.30 am you should be on the road.

If you have a personal car the better, since you can use the bypass which was built recently to access town. The bypass cuts across Langata and connects with Mombasa Road and Ngong Road; you can either choose to use Mombasa Road or Ngong Road to access town.

Those who work at Wilson Airport,Langata Hospital,AMREF and Bomas of Kenya should live in Langata.

2. Rent
Langata is not as expensive as Karen, Runda, Kileleshwa and Muthaiga.However, there are people who cannot afford the rent.
Rent for a single room in Langata ranges from Ksh5,000-Ksh7,500
Abedsitter in Langata is between Ksh8, 500-Ksh12,000
One bedroom in Langata is between Ksh 15,000-Ksh20,000
Two bedroom in Langata is between Ksh 20,000-Ksh 35,000
Three bedrooms is between Ksh 35,000-Ksh50, 000

If you have a family and you intend to live in Langata, your monthly salary should not be less than Ksh 80, 000,otherwise look for houses in Estates like Embakasi and Kawangware.Life can be tough for you if you aren’t prepared to pay atleast Ksh 15,000 per month as rent.






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