Rental prices for houses in Utawala, single rooms, bedsitter, one bedroom, two bedrooms


Utawala is located along the Eastern by pass Nairobi and is one of the estates which grew tremendously over the past 10 years. The expansive estate is now a town within a city and accommodates over 20,000 people with more residents of Nairobi relocating to the estate because it’s relatively cheap.

Who should live in Utawala

Utawala is open to everyone regardless of financial muscle or social status in the society.

The most ideal people to live in Utwala are those who earn a salary of between Ksh10, 000-Ksh100, 000 .The estate is very favourable for people who earn little salaries because they can afford the rental prices on most of the apartments within the estate. For your information, most of the estates in Nairobi don’t allow people who earn less than Ksh20, 000 because the rents are extremely high, Utawala is not among those estates.

Rental prices

If you are looking for a single room in Utawala, you should be ready to pay Sh2, 500-Sh4, 500 per month. If you are occupying the room for the first time, you are required to pay deposit equivalent to one month rent, deposit for electricity, which usually ranges between Sh1, 000-Sh3, 000.

The monthly rent for a bedsitter in Utawala is between Ksh4, 5000-Ksh 7,500.There are also bedsitters which are even cheaper but they are far from the main road.

One bedroom in Utawala goes for between Sh 7,500-Ksh 13,000 but there are other houses which are much cheaper but located far away from the Eastern bypass

Rent for a two bedroom house is between Ksh 13,000-Ksh 17,000.They are very specious with excellent finishing

Transport cost from Utawala to Nairobi Town

There are several buses which ferry passengers to town; they include Kenya Bus Service (KBS), City Hoppa, Tawala Sacco and City Shuttle. The transport from Utawala to Nairobi City Centre is Ksh 70-Ksh100 during rush hours and Ksh 40-Ksh60 during off peak hours.

Where to board vehicles from Nairobi City Centre to Utawala

City Hoppa,City Shuttle and KBS have their stage at Ambassador house. These vehicles bear identification number 33.

Tawala Sacco have their stage at Bus Station, which is not far from Ambassador.

Cost of living in Utawala

One amazing thing about Utawala is that there are so many people who practice farming and supply to the people living there cheaply. So the issue of lack of food will not arise.







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