Richest Musicians in Tanzania


Tanzania has very talented musicians, who have dominated the East African music industry for decades. Richest musicians in Tanzania, who include Diamond Platnumz, drive sleek cars, live in posh areas and have invested heavily in real estate, entertainment industry, transport as well as stock market.

Talent pays, and that’s exactly the story about these great musicians. For inspiration and motivation, below we discuss the wealthiest musicians in East Africa.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is the wealthiest Bongo musician. Starting from nowhere in 2009, the celebrated artiste has accumulated enough to call him wealthy. Today he drives a Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW and any luxury car suitable for Tanzanian roads.

His net worth is in excess of $ 5 million, which puts him at position 2 in East Africa and number 1 in Tanzania.

Diamond never performs at an event before pocketing $ 4000 (Tsh 8 million)

Married to model, Zari Hassan, Diamond makes Tsh 2 million per day from his music and his popular Recording Studio.

Apart from his liquid cash, Diamond owns a house in Dar es Salaam and several apartments in Tanzania.

Ali Kiba

Ali Kiba started his music career in 2000 and is one of the biggest names in Tanzania. The Bongo artiste has released hit after hit, raising his profile in length and breadth. When he enters a club, everybody bows for him, not because he is a king but the fact that he conquers.

Ali Kiba is worth a staggering $ 4 million, and his wealth is rising significantly, thanks to the many shows he performs weekly.

Apart from Music,Ali Kiba has a posh home in Dar es Salaam, he also own acres of land and top of the range cars.

A single performance in a top club earns the musician not less than $3,000

Professor Jay

Joseph Haule, popularly known as Professor Jay, the musician comes third with a total net worth $3.5million.

The legislature started his music career in 1990 and has since dominated the industry. Every singer emulates him and looks up to him for direction-he has nurtured many talents.

Professor Jay has invested heavily in the entertainment industry, real estate and transport business. He owns a posh home in Dar es Salaam, a Range Rover and a host of other cars.

Though currently he is a distant behind Diamond and Ali Kiba, Professor Jay still has a fan base, which comprises of mostly youths above age 30.

Lady Jay Dee

The iron lady in Tanzania’s Bongo industry, Lady Jay Dee has made a mark, rising from rags to riches. Today she is among the wealthiest Bongo musicians.

Jay Dee owns a band by the name Machozi,she owns a Mercedes Benz, Toyota V8 and a several models. Apart from property and cars,she also earns at least $ 1500 from every performance.


AY is another big name in Tanzania music industry.

AY owns Unity Entertainment Company, which promotes Tanzania music as well as help in recording singles for upcoming musicians.