Safaricom Web Hosting Review

Safaricom is one of 22 companies offering web hosting services. It’s also among few Kenyan companies offering professional email hosting services. As experienced bloggers we have valid opinions over the telecom company’s web hosting services. Here are our reviews.

We run 5 viral blogs and host 50 blogs for Kenyans.Initially,we were hosting our blogs at EAC Directory and realized they had the poorest hosting services in Kenya. We decided to migrate all our sites to Kenya Web Experts. Though Kenya Web Experts were excellent in terms of customer service,we realized they didn’t have enough infrastructure to host viral websites.However,we left some of our sites with them. About Safaricom,we can strongly recommend to companies running websites that are not controversial.If you run a controversial website, one that constantly attacks politicians and celebrities, I won’t encourage you to host with Safaricom,instead I recommend Bluehost

One thing I know about Safaricom is that their email hosting service is superb.This is one service they offer that lacks among most hosting companies in our country.

As a publisher or company, what you will get from Safaricom is professional email hosting services and web hosting services. Both come as one package. Hosting prices are as follows:

Website and E-mail Packages

Proposition 50 MB Disk Space, 5 Email Accounts, 3 Sub Domains, 2 FTP Accounts. 500 MB Disk Space, 10 Email Accounts, 5 Sub Domains, 2 FTP Accounts. 2 GB Disk Space, 50 Emails Accounts, 50 Sub Domains 5 FTP Accounts, 10 GB Disk Space, 100 Email Accounts, 100 Sub Domains, 20 FTP Accounts 20 GB Disk Space, 200 Email Accounts, 200 Sub Domains, 30 FTP Accounts
Annual Charges LOCAL DOMAINS .KE ONLY KSHs.1,300 KSHs.2,800 KSHs.3,800 KSHs.5,300 KSHs.6,300
Annual Charges INTERNATIONAL DOMAINS .COM, ORG KSHs.999 KShs.2,499 KSHs.3,499 KSHs.4,999 KSHs.5,999


If you have a new website, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive plan,I recommend you purchase the lite plan; then after your traffic numbers grow, upgrade to Bronze plan.

How Safaricom compares with Kenya Web Experts, the most popular web hosting company in Kenya

The cheapest cheapest hosting plan by Kenya Web Experts goes for Ksh 2,100.This plan comes with 30GB disk space,300GB bandwidth and unlimited email account.Safaricom’s Lite plan costs Ksh1,300 and has 30MB disk space and 5 email accounts.When you compare the two,you won’t even dare host your website at Safaricom.

The disadvantages of hosting a blog at Safaricom is that the company’s costs are exaggerated, you will expose yourself to the government and above you, the company will bully you.Safaricom has millions of customers, they won’t give a damn if you threaten to divorce them.

The only advantage Safaricom has is that it’s very stable…but Kenya Web Experts is equally stable.

To conclude,I will advise that you chose Kenya Web Experts over Safaricom,at any given time.If you don’t feel local companies,Bluehost is the next stop.

Web hosting payments to Kenya Web Experts are done via MPESA while Bluehost require payments through Visa or Mastercard.If you operate a bank account, you’ll never find it hard to make payment to Bluehost.