Salaries For Fresh Graduates in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE)


United Arabs Emirates is among the best countries to get a job because the salaries paid to fresh graduates are higher than most countries in the world.

Fresh graduates normally have zero experience. They are employed as trainees, trained for a certain period and absorbed into the system.

Dubai is the largest employer and the following are salaries paid to fresh graduates.

Bachelor of Education is among the least paying professions where graduates are paid as low as AED 40, 000.Engineers, especially those working in the oil industry are the highest paid professionals.

With just a degree in Engineering, an individual can be paid as high as AED 52,000.

Bachelor of Architecture pays crazy salaries-I honestly feel jealous for these guys! With just a degree training an individual is paid up to AED 71,000.

Arts and education courses are the least paying professions in UAE while Science, Law, Engineering and Medicine are the highest paying.