Salaries of Doctors in Kenya


Doctors are among the highest paid professionals in Kenya. Their salaries don’t go below 6 digits, but due to the increase in number of colleges offering a course in Medicine, there have been deliberate measures by employers to reduce salaries for doctors.

In Kenya, the government pays doctors starting salary of Sh 80,000-Sh 120,000 but the pay increases with time.

Private hospitals are the ones that pay doctors decent salaries.Most hospitals pay between Sh 150,000-Sh 600,000 depending on the doctor’s experience.

Nairobi Hospital, Mater Hospital, The Aga Khan, Getrude’s Children’s Hospital and MP Shah are among the leading hospitals in terms of pay.

What happens in Kenya is that most doctors opt to work for government and pursue consultancy services with private hospitals.

But remember this: Employment is not always the best option. Armed with skills you can earn up to Sh 20 million per month if you start your own clinic.






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