Samsung Stops Producing Galaxy Note 7 Devices


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 was a success until the most troubling device, Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled. After exploding in the hands of thousands of customers, Giant phone manufacturer Samsung has stopped producing the Samsung Note 7 devices.

Top U.S. and Australian carriers have also suspended sales or exchanges of Note 7s, while major airlines reiterated bans on passengers using the phones, after smoke from a replacement device forced the evacuation of a passenger plane in the United States last week.

The company recalled several Samsung phones last week after it emerged they were faulty. Even after fixing the major issues, the smartphones continued with their “usual” problems, forcing the company to stop further production of the Note 7 devices.

Samsung is likely to suffer huge losses after more than 2.5 million Note 7s which were recalled just “sat” in the stores after buyers showed no interest of buying them anymore.