Sanjay Dutt Released From jail


Sanjay Dutt, India Bollywood actor, has been released from jail.

The 56-year-old was sentenced for firearms offences linked to the 1993 Mumbai blasts which killed 257 people and injured 713.

Sanjay was accused of buying firearms from bombers but he defended himself by saying he was doing so to defend himself during Hindu-Muslim rioting.

The actor was sentenced for 5 years and moved to Pune jail in 2013 to finish his five-year jail term.But he was recently granted a remission of 144 days on the basis of good behaviour and activities like running a radio programme.

Speaking after his release,Dutt expressed joy as he thanked fans for constant prayers:

“I am out here because of their [fans’] support. There is no easy walk to freedom, my friends”,said Dutt







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