Selling Mitumba Clothes in Kenya and Profits


Mitumba clothes (second hand clothes) are the most preferred clothes by most Kenyans because they are cheap. Anyone engaging in this kind of business makes significant profits.

For your information, there is no business that is bad, what matters is how effective you manage your business and how good you handle your customers.Mitumba business is one that requires someone who knows how to handle customers.

In Kenya, the clothes are sources from Gikomba, Eastleigh,Muthurwa,and Kongowea market.Other traders import from China and Dubai.

Capital required

There is no fixed capital required in order to start selling second hand clothes. But most traders start with just Sh 10,000.The ideal range is between Sh 5,000 to Sh 50,000.

Towns like Nairobi and Mombasa require more capital compared to towns like Bomet and Eldoret.However, profits are a bit higher in Nairobi.


Mitumba traders rarely make losses. The business is very lucrative.

Most traders make between Sh 7,00-Sh 10,000 per day. The ones who sell in bulk are the ones who make up to Ksh 10,000 per day.Those that sell at retail price make between Sh 7,000-Sh 5,000 per day.

Conclusion. There is no right time to start business; the right time is when you think of the idea.






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