SEMrush most popular plan for Bloggers

SEMRush most popular plan among bloggers costs $99.95 per month. This plan is for medium and low budget websites and is currently in use by more than 10,000 bloggers.

However,SEMrush provides a free trial,which is one month free.What you need is to visit their website through this link,sign up and start using the free trial for one month.After one month,you will decide whether to pay or not.

The most popular plan that costs $99.95 will help you achieve this:

It will track 500 keywords of your blog to ensure they are all indexed. Indexing is the most important in any blog because it helps one’s blog get organic traffic.

The tool will also help your 100,000 pages to be crawled. This will help all your blog posts to get a better rank in Google search results.

The tool will also send you 3,000 reports per day.The report will include the number of keywords crawled,errors and other important things about your blog.

In order to start using SEMrush,you have to visit their website,sign up and get access to all their features(Sign up here)