SEMrush Pro Plan

SEMrush Pro plan is the cheapest among the three plans offered to customers by the SEO tool.The Pro plan costs $99.95 per month and has the following features:

The company will send you up to 10,000 results per month. The results will show keywords for your competitors and those you wish to use for your articles. You will also be able to know how your site ranks in relation to other sites.

SEMrush will crawl 10,000 pages of your site.10,000 pages are massive, which means almost every page in your site will be crawled to ensure they are indexed by search engine.

The tool will also track 500 keywords each month. This means if one of your keywords is deteriorating in rank. You will be able to make necessary changes to ensure it performs better.

The tool will also help you track the performance of your social media accounts…impressive.

The nice thing about SEMrush is that it will allow you use the tool for free in their free trial version.If you’re a blogger,this is the best time to test out the tool and see whether results will be achieved.You can visit SEMrush website through this link and sign up