Single rooms, bedsitters, one bedroom houses to rent in Kayole and the cost of living

Kayole is one of the most popular and populous estate in the Eastern parts of Nairobi. It accommodates more than 100,000 people, majority of them being low income earners.

Maybe you are planning to relocate to Nairobi and you have heard about Kayole but details of the estate are scanty. It’s better to understand what you expect once you settle anywhere in Nairobi because the cost of living isn’t the same in the estates.

I spent most of my time in Kayole, 3 years to be precise, and discovered that it isn’t as bad as the way most people describe it.One thing I liked about it is that despite being crowded, people are friendly and food is cheaply available. When people in other estates are complaining about food, people in Kayole are feasting.

There are several matatus plying the route,they include forward travellers, double m and many other buses and matatus.All these make life easier for the residents because they are many.
Fare from Kayole to town is Ksh70 during rush hours and Ksh20 during off peak hours. Off peak starts from around 12 PM to 3 PM.

It takes a matatu and average of 1 hour from Kayole to town during rush hours and at most 20 minutes during off peak hours. It takes more time during peak hours because of the traffic jam along jogoo road, but good news is that the road is undergoing expansion.

When it comes to rent, Kayole is one of the cheapest estates to live in Nairobi. You can get a very nice single room at just Ksh2,500,a bedsitter at Ksh 4,500 and one bedroom at Khs7,000.A two bedroom house can be as little as Ksh12,000.

Kayole has also a slum called Soweto with houses going for as little as Ksh1, 000 per single room and Ksh 5,000 per one bedroom. The rental prices are so cheap that people scramble for houses here.

There is a time when security was an issue in the estate but the criminals were neutralized by the government sometimes back. No one should cheat you that the estate is not safe to live, I have lived there and I know.

There are several supermarkets which serve the residents. They include Greenspan mall which is located around 700 metres from Kayole, Nakumatt supermarket and Naivas supermarket. Both supermarkets are well stoked, thus enabling the residents to comfortably shop whatever they want.

There are several schools in the estate, one of them being New light academy which tops KCPE every year. There are also other good schools within the estate.






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