Business Ideas in India:Best Small Business to Start in India with High Profits


You are young, ambitious and eager to leave a mark in the business world, but one thing is holding you back, Capital.

This is what many young people face especially when they complete education and find life harder than they thought. In the process of seeking for resourceful and meaningful information, they stumble upon this article. Then it turns out to be information you have been searching for in decades.

As one of the few entrepreneurs who like sharing knowledge, I have decided to share some of the information you could not get anywhere concerning businesses you can start small and reap big.

Below are some of the businesses you can start with small capital in India and never regret forever.

1. Compute &Mobile Repair
You have basic skills in IT, may be Diploma in Information Technology, and efforts to secure white collar job has hit a snag. Times is precious and the sooner you’ll think of starting a Computer Repair shop the better.

I have seen a number of Indians who have enjoyed the fruits of thinking this direction; you should not be an exception.

Computer repair business may require absolutely no capital to start as long as you are armed with skills.

2. Web Design
The demand for web design services is extremely high. This is largely attributed to increased usage of social media and the fact that companies are embracing the adoption of active websites.

As a Web Designer, you will find yourself very useful in all aspects of online life. The only thing required from you is skills and ability to satisfy clients.

The emergency of social media and the exponential demand of internet services have renewed hopes for millions of web designers in the entire universe.

If you have excellent skills in programming and zero money in your pocket then this work is for you.

3. Photography
To be a photographer you don’t necessarily need to attend anyone’s class, just get a nice camera or a smart phone and you are good to go.

If you are wondering where your services are needed please gate crash a party, graduation ceremony, birthday party or any popular even and get knowledge how people make money through photography.

You can market yourself through Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, which are cheaper than other modes of advertising.

4. Cover Letter/Resume/CV Writing
You don’t have to be a Human Resources Professional to start CV and cover letter writing services. The only skill you need is proficiency in Microsoft Office word.

The good thing with this business is the fact that no office is required to effectively run it.You also doesn’t require much capital to start.

5. Photocopy, scanner, printing machines
This business is very profitable if it’s set up near a school or college. There are many success stories involving entrepreneurs who started with a single photocopy near schools and later discovered themselves after a short while-they are now millionaires.

6. Courier services
Carrier services can be done even without injecting a single dollar into the business as capital. Delivering parcels for companies and individuals within a small area require only your body but if it’s some kilometres, then a motorcycle in enough.

7. Car Wash
There are a million cars that need your services after getting dirty. Owning a car wash may look impossible, which is not the case. If you are out of town, it’s very easy to start one with very little money.

8. Poultry farming
People eat chicken, including their eggs. Where do you think all these come from? There are farmers out there who are always seen depositing money in their bank accounts, courtesy of their successful poultry farming businesses.
You can start the business with a few rupees and grow with time.






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