Small Profitable Business to Start in Zambia with Little Capital


Zambia is a growing economy with huge potential of having significant number of entreperneurs.These people will however create wealth through small businesses.

There are a number of small and profitable businesses individuals can venture in to make both ends meet.

With growing number of jobless youths in Zambia, entrepreneurship is the way to go. It doesn’t matter how much you have in your pocket or bank, what matters is whether you are armed with a good idea.

There are over 100 small businesses for Zambians to start but we aim at listing the ones that require small capital. Based on the survey we conducted the following is a list of lucrative businesses you can venture in.

  1. Poultry farming
  2. Computer Training Centre
  3. Mobile Phone/smartphone sales
  4. Electronics shop
  5. Car importation business
  6. Banana farming
  7. Livestock rearing
  8. Cooking gas sales
  9. Motorcyle business
  10. Used Car Sales
  11. Selling scrap metals
  12. Tailoring business
  13. Boutique business
  14. Daycare centre
  15. Waste Management Services
  16. House/office Cleaning services
  17. Blogging
  18. Online marketing
  19. Hairdressing salon
  20. Photography
  21. Berber shop
  22. Car hire business
  23. Restaurant or fast food joint
  24. Resume writing
  25. Data Analysis
  26. Shoe shining
  27. Photocopy and printing services
  28. Cyber café
  29. General shop
  30. Car wash
  31. Recruiting consultant firm
  32. Computer and mobile phone repair
  33. Real estate agency
  34. Butchery
  35. Selling second hand clothes
  36. Sports viewing centres
  37. Security firm
  38. Ice cream business
  39. Recreation centre
  40. Natural fruit juice production
  41. Grocery
  42. Tree planting






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