Southern Business School (SBS) South Africa Courses


SBS South Africa offers business and management courses. Some of the courses offered at the institution include Bachelor of Business Administrations and MBA,which are among the most popular programmes in South Africa.

Below is a full list of Courses offered at SBM

  1. Higher Certificate in Management
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration Honours
  3. Higher Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  4. Bachelor of Policing Practice
  5. Diploma in Management
  6. Bachelor of Policing Practice Honours
  7. Advanced Diploma in Management
  8. Master Of Management (OPTION 1)
  9. Bachelor of Commerce in Law
  10. Master Of Management (OPTION 2
  11. Bachelor of Business Administration
  12. Master Of Policing Practice (OPTION 1)
  13. Master Of Policing Practice (OPTION 2)