Sport Pesa facts and Jackpot


Sport Pesa is a game which was introduced in Kenya in 2014.In this game, football fans are required to send an SMS with the word GAME to 79079 or register online at Predict the winner of a match and after 90 minutes winners are rewarded.

The game has become very popular in Kenya, especially after one fan, George Mwangi, won a jackpot of Sh 29.5 million after predicting most of the games right. In 2014, Andrew Mghanga took home Sh5.3 million from the gaming company.

Sport Pesa jackpot continues to grow; the next jackpot will be Sh 100 million. Football fanatics and diehard fans of popular teams in Europe are the luckiest since they are likely to predict which team could win in every match.

There is also another emerging company which has introduced lotto and is being received positively. This one is somehow different from Sport Pesa because an individual chooses 7 numbers out of 49 numbers. A winner is rewarded based on how many numbers he gets right after the draw is done.






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