Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Salaries


Standard Chartered Bank Kenya offers competitive salaries to fresh graduates as well as experienced employees. The bank recruits graduate trainees each year, where they are trained and absorbed within the system.

Perhaps you are wondering how much the bank pays fresh graduates and other employees. You are at the right place to know all the information regarding their salaries.

Before 2015, the bank used to pay fresh graduates Sh 65,000-Sh 75,000 but things changed in 2015 when restructuring was conducted. Nowadays the bank offers a starting salary of Sh 40,000-Sh 55,000 to fresh graduate.

Also there is a group of Direct Sales Representatives who are paid Sh 20,000-Sh 30, 0000 depending on the level of experience.

One thing you should know about the bank is that senior managers take home a lot of money. The CEO is paid more than Sh 1.5 million while other Senior Managers earn over Sh 600,000 each.

Branch managers on the other hand earn at least Sh 150,000.The salary for branch managers vary depending on the type of branch and experience of the employee.